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Kapital No. 4 Black Patchwork Army Backpack

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The amount of detail on this backpack from Kapital Kountry is staggering. While its aesthetic inspiration clearly draws from military garb, its actual form is more reminiscent of hiking/backpacking style gear, hence the suitable “Kapital Journey Product” tag. For starters, the large bag which has shoulder and waist straps can actually be unzipped apart and separated into two smaller bags–a school-style backpack and a fanny pack. The bags are covered in an array of fabric and leather patches, some of which are embroidered, others are drawn on by hand in pen. It also features two ‘patches’ made from genuine turquoise, onyx, and other beads. In total, there are four main storage compartments on this masterpiece accessory by Kapital. 

Size: OS

Condition: 8/10

Material: Cotton, Leather, Plastic, etc. 


26” x 16” x 6”